I’m not crazy. My reality is just different than yours.

Alice In Wonderland

mADD world is a website for those who are striving to manage and learn about what can feel like the crazy, upside-down world of NeuroDiversity. Alongside ADD/ADHD, our content relates to all outside-the-box brains and unique personalities who are huddling under a similar (neuro) special needs umbrella, just trying to weather the storms. 

We’ll for sure be messy and all over the place but we’ve got some great thoughts on strategies, diet, recipes, meds, organization, treatments, special needs, crafts, activities and anything else that relates to our family. And yours too, I bet! Since I never quite manage to be perfectly pithy, maybe grab a big ol’ bevvie of your favourite stimulant and plan to stay awhile.

Together, we will strive to inform and inspire; engage and encourage. Maybe cry. Definitely vent. And hopefully laugh too.

Entirely Bonkers? I’m afraid so.


But I’ll tell you a secret. All the Best People Are.


More About Us and What you’ll find here:

  • Meet or learn about what experts in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders and learn about things such as assessment, treatment, strategies and more within neuro diverse categories such as unique kids, ADHD adults, or related neurodevelopmental disorders like Autism, OCD, ODD etc.
  • Connect with everyday people like you, experts in the trenches, who share their experiences and stories of the more raw, often frustrating, behind-the-scenes, up close and personal side of the story.  We’ll chat openly about what it means to live within the labels (*Watch for a future post on how I hate labels) of special needs, disabilities, mental health, physical challenges, and health and wellness. These are your people; your tribe; our community members.
  • Pick up some mADD skills in common areas of struggle such as parenting, relationships, and organization. 
  • Discover various strategies in traditional and non-traditional methods such as exercise, nutrition, and medication.
  • Find relevant resources in research, products, books, recipes and more. Read our disclosure statement here. We share info on stuff to make your life easier – our list of favourite things we have carefully selected, trialed and/or researched for our niche group.
  • Sometimes we’ll just shoot the shizzle – like people do.  Our daily chaos; coloured with our favourite flavours of crazy. 


Who in the mADD world Am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.

profile chair 600

To begin at the beginning, I am a busy SAHM doing my best to tame the wild look in my eyes while I manage three young children (my daughter ‘Alice’ and my twin boys ‘Tweedle’ and ‘Dee’), a husband (let’s call him ‘dADD’), and a little sliver of country living outside a major Canadian city. To be honest, it can feel a bit wild at times that Alice in Wonderland quotes fit a little too perfectly with our crazy and chaotic life – perhaps not surprising given the multiple health challenges we face. If you could quantify the health challenges + ADHD we boast, we have oodles of the stuff around here because more family members peer through that looking glass than do not. And that’s heaps to talk about.

I have a lot to share about what living in our house looks like on an ordinary chaotic day and how to manage the ADHD dynamic alongside multiple other health challenges – inside the busy lives of real families rather than a clinical theory. (Inside my real family life also means that it takes time to get the volume of creative ideas and years of experience and knowledge contained inside my head down on paper. I know you understand that. Be patient and stick with me. It’ll be worth it. Sign up at bottom of page for our newsletter so new posts come to you!)

I created mADD world because I found it hard to find and keep track of the latest and greatest advice of the day. I wanted to build a community where we can share information but also laugh along the way. A safe place to explore the good, the bad, and the ugly awesomeness of living unconventionally…together.

You can also find me writing about ADHD, neurodiversity, advocating for your child, exercise as a key tool, and more as an Expert/Author at Dr Dina and a Role Model at Active For Life. You may also find my crazy thoughts at Yummy Mummy Club, or Bluntmoms.com. 


 We’re #allmADDhere. You’ll fit right in.

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