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Plan with Clear Intent: Going Back to Basics

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Personal Intention may guide my health and wellness in 2017. But how? Join me in using Intention to create a solid action plan with FREE tools + a Giveaway!

Somehow I thought setting my Intention was going to give me great clarity in goal setting for the year ahead. And it does – kind of. 

Vision Quest

First, I create a mental picture of myself. 

breathe, relax, rest, stress, destress, self care, focus, dream, goals, plan, vision, calm, happy, peaceful, adhd, intention, intention settingLook at me – I am so relaxed! There I sit: Healthy, Happy, Successful. I (oh-so-peacefully) determine a word that encompasses my vision. 

BREATHE (my personal Intention word) reminds me to focus on self care, slow down, and to literally take a breath to calm myself before speaking or acting. It also reminds me to break things down into doable bits and build on those successes rather than become overwhelmed.

Next, I project that image/word into the universe like shooting an arrow.


Okay…Uhm….Now what? Am I supposed to just Wait for my Vision to materialize?


I don’t think this method is going to work well for the Type A, solution focused, creative, ADHD brain of mine. Alongside projecting hard and dreaming big, picturing myself as a magical, happy, calmer version of myself, I still find myself asking, ‘How do I get there?’ or ‘What happened to SMART Goals?

Intention setting can easily be seen more like a good starting point. Read Intention: Dreaming or Goal Setting? HERE.

I am going to continue to BREATHE  – I think Intention can be a helpful tool to maintain focus and course correct.

But I can’t just sit around and wait for the universe to provide. I’ve gotta take steps toward building a better me.

Re-examining my Self Care attempts last month, I plan to build on what worked.

Build on Success

Last month, knowing it to be one of the most busiest times of the year, I decided that Self Care offered me the best chance to Elevate the Season and make the holiday a little less stressful for me and my family. Click HERE to read more about it and learn the epic parent fail that prompted me to try to be better.

Christmas, holiday, season, coffee, bulletproof, bulletproof coffee, busy, stress, stressed, stressful, self care, product, healthy, wellness, health, planDespite good intentions and a well thought out list, I only managed to accomplish one simple thing on the plan. 

The one item I remained committed to? Drinking Bulletproof coffee – and it actually made a difference. No Kidding!

So I wondered, ‘Maybe I should be looking at ways to make other healthy changes rather than additions…?‘ 

Instead of looking back to my Self Care list again to determine what could be added onto the plan and into my already busy schedule, I decided to go Back to Basics.


Opening up the Toolbox

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Our family uses a number of strategies that have worked well in helping us manage our health and wellness, specifically our ADHD and related challenges.

We use multiple strategies which include:

  • Behavioural Strategies and Routines

    (including those related to Sleep, Organization, Emotional Regulation, Time Management, & Daily Schedule);

  • Exercise and Physical Fitness;

  • Nutrition and Diet;

  • Alternative/Natural Treatments and Practices

    (including Supplements, Essential Oils, and Natural Medicine); and

  • Traditional Treatments and Practices

    (including Medications.)


B2B Plan

It makes sense to begin by going Back to Basics first. It gives me a chance to re-evaluate and determine how we could reboot our strategies in the year ahead.

There is sure to be something new we haven’t tried….or that may work better now than the last time we gave it a go.


It’s hard to get excited about ALL.THE.THINGS I could and should be doing when I am just. So.Darn.Tired.

My Plan will start there, with one of the most basic requirements of all: Sleep.

Do your 2017 Wellness Plans include more Sleep? 

First up: Sleep: Back to Basics Plan Mission One 


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*JOIN ME!* Get Back to Basics.

Improve Function: BULLETPROOF Nutrition.

Do a Sleep Audit: Sleep: Back to Basics Plan Mission One

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If you’re still awake, you can share your plan or best sleep tips on this post.



I love trying out new products that have potential to make our family’s challenges – and yours! – a little easier to manage. This post may include a sponsor who offered compensation in some form to share my honest opinion. 

As always, the authentic views expressed are my own. #allmaddhere 

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