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Plan for the Unexpected to Make your Healthy Diet Bulletproof

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There are always those unexpected pitfalls to healthy eating that you can’t anticipate. Or can you? Make your plan Bulletproof. #FuelyourAwesome

But What If’s

It isn’t always easy to make healthy eating choices for ourselves and our families. We are trying our best, right? 

cupcakes, unhealthy, snacks, baking, birthday, food coloring, food additives, diet, tempting, But what if:

  • the meeting ran late and you didn’t get lunch? Wait, Worse – your child didn’t get lunch?
  • your workout left you famished – and you are headed to the grocery store?
  • little Johnnie’s mom kindly surprised the class with cupcakes topped mile high with bright blue icing – and sprinkles….? Yeah, the teacher and I really love when you do that.

Those are the times that you can catch you off guard and reaching for those less than healthy foods. 

But you can’t be ready for everything.

Or can you?

Planning ahead for those unexpected pitfalls that inevitably come up helps maintain a healthy diet. 


Plan for the Unexpected

snacks, healthy, health, wellness, bulletproof, maintain a healthy diet, #Fuelyourawesome, bulletproof coffeeTruly healthy packaged snacks that fit our family’s nutrition plan are hard to find. Most of the gluten free options for packaged snacks are laden with sugar. Or food dyes. Or taste like sawdust.

When I find healthy snacks that fit our family’s diet – especially ones that my children think taste great! – I buy them in bulk so I don’t run out.  

I buy them in bags. By the box, if I can. Just take my money.

And then I stash the snacks for all those unexpected things that come up. Everywhere. 

Stowed in the truck. Squished into a pencil case I leave at school. Saved in my gym bag. Squirrelled away in my competitive swimmers’ backpacks. Stocked in my purse. 

Here a snack. There a snack. Everywhere a snack snack.


A Bulletproof Plan

I have recently found Bulletproof snacks – which don’t just offer me less of the crap we don’t want but more of what we do want!

Our family reacts to negatively to many food additives, which was the motivating factor for trying to find a healthy diet that fit our family. Read How to find a Diet that Fits your Family.

These negative reactions are a common occurrence for ADHD and other NeuroDiverse brains.

Bulletproof products contain no sugar. No unnecessary additives like artificial colour and flavouring either.

Even better yet is that Bulletproof snacks contain healthy fats and protein that fuel our brains and our energy. Plus, since they are low-glycemic alternatives, these snacks help to keep our blood sugar stable which greatly aids in keeping emotions regulated.

Which suddenly makes a simple snack a strategy for many families who struggle to manage NeuroDiversity and its related challenges.


Bulletproof Faves your Family will Love

#fuelyourawesome, #bulletproof, Bulletproof, Bulletproof coffee, snack, snacks, bites, alternatives, healthy, health, wellness, sweets, treats, brownie, protein, collagen, shortbread, eat clean, maintain a healthy dietMy kids love the Bulletproof snacks* – they don’t need to know it’s benefits as an effective tool!

They especially love the Gluten Free Vanilla Shortbread and Fudge Brownie Collagen Protein snacks. These bite size snacks are only 100 Calories and less than 1 gram of sugar but offer 7 grams of fat and contain 5 grams of Collagen protein – the same nutritious protein in bone broth, known to support lean muscles, strong joints and glowing skin. These two flavours, as well as Lemon Cookie, are also available in the Collagen Protein Bar size.

bulletproof, coffee, #bulletproofcoffee, Bulletproof coffee, energy, health, wellness, cognitive, clarity, health, wellness, adhd, #fuelyourawesome, #bulletproof, brain octane My favourite treat is always chocolate and now I don’t need to deny myself any longer! Bulletproof Chocolate Fuel Bars are made from Bulletproof organic, raw Upgraded Chocolate Powder and Cacao Butter. (I really, really want to try baking with these products!) Sweetened with non-GMO xylitol, Chocolate Fuels Bars are sugar-free and a low-glycemic alternative that works anytime of the day. 

Healthy chocolate is best paired with my Bulletproof coffee, of course. If you haven’t heard me raving about it yet, read read about the first time I tried Bulletproof coffee and fell in love with this brand here: Elevate the Season: Self Care with Bulletproof Coffee

And, not to be forgotten, the Big Snack Daddy that keeps you full and focused for hours: Upgraded Chocolate Bulletproof Bar. It too is gluten free and, like the Collagen Protein bar, packs a whopping 11 grams of protein. This snack contains Pasture-Raised, Upgraded Collagen Protein and the stuff I think might be liquid gold for brains that need a boost, Brain Octane.


#Winning Plan

Now for the unavoidable food crisis that will arise and make sticking to a healthy diet tough? I have a Bulletproof plan in place.

Read #1 Way to Maintain a Healthy Diet & Lifestyle for more tips for you and your family.

* Some products are only available from the U.S. store which ships to Canada.

This sponsored post is brought to you by 3cConsulting. However, the opinions expressed herein are completely my own based on my personal experience with the product. 

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