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Elevate the Season: Self Care with Bulletproof Coffee

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What is it about the most wonderful time of the year that is so stressful? What if self care with Bulletproof Coffee could make my best effort ‘better’ and elevate the season somehow? 


christmas, busy, soon, rush, count down, stress, stressful, clock, family, Santa, Our life as a capital ‘B’ Busy ADHD family tips over into overwhelming a couple times a year:  School Year End and Holiday Season. The stress of ALL THE THINGS – no matter how super duper they are – can seem like just too much.

Last year we somehow got it in gear to decorate and the tree was up almost 5 weeks early. It felt fantastic to cross off a big holiday ‘To Do’ item off the list and enjoy the soft (and oh-so flattering!) glow of the Christmas lights for longer. While I wasn’t exactly the poster child for seasonal success, I was feeling pretty good about Christmas.

In November.

There I was, (invisible) Mommy Elf of the Month badge proudly displayed long before the seasonal madness began in earnest: music recitals; school potlucks; kids’ activities parties; perfect yet inexpensive gifts for teachers, bus drivers, music instructors, babysitters, garbage collectors, friends, and family; stocking stuffers that don’t break the bank but aren’t junk; traditional new PJs that aren’t too itchy, scratchy, or baby-ish; cute and fun Elf yourself videos; creative ways to move the Elf on the Shelf; Christmas cards that are prepared, addressed, stamped, AND sent; adult only parties that require securing a babysitter before anyone else; the ‘I feel like a gazillion dollars in this’ office party outfit complete with appropriate shaping garments, hair appointment, shoes, or whatever (Ladies, I know you hear me on this one.); the kids’ wish list for Santa; mailing Santa’s letter in time for a response; personalized video from Santa; finding the hottest toy of the year because it was the Santa wish; and let’s not forget the all important visit to the mall to see the Big Guy in red.

This is last year’s picture of the kids with Santa. See him in the background, up there in his mall workshop, waving at us? Our mad dash to the mall on Christmas Eve during the last hour of Santa’s visiting hours wasn’t exactly successful. Shocker, I know.  

I am not going to lie, lining up the kids below the display and yelling “Hey, Santa! Give us a Wave!” at the jolly ol’ fella perhaps wasn’t my shiniest holiday memory. That moment felt a bit like capturing a parent fail on camera. But I can only do my best, you know?

What if I could make my best effort ‘better’ somehow?


This year, I decided that self care offered the best chance of giving me what I needed to elevate the season. I struggle with the whole oxygen mask thing even though I know that self care gives you what you need to care for yourself and those around you. Knowing that prioritizing myself might help me balance the holiday season for myself and my family still didn’t make it easy in real life application. It had to be simple.

To recharge during the busy season, I needed to find easy ways to care for myself.

How hard can it be, right?


  • Floss my Teeth, 3 times per week. Better hygiene, increased health and wellness.
  • Get out of PJs, every day. Seriously, working from home does not mean this is OK.
  • Hair, Nails, Make-up, Daily. Look better to feel better. See above.
  • Lash Extensions, new set plus upkeep. See above. But without effort.
  • Hot Yoga, 1 session per week. Feel more relaxed and destressed.
  • Healthy Coffee, every day. Try BulletProof coffee for improved function.
  • Time with Friends (in person), 1 visit per week. Even better if after yoga. Over coffee.

Turns out self care is something I still struggle with, no matter how great my intention. Try as I might, I didn’t make it to yoga or get myself some gorgeous new lashes to rim my tired peepers. And I only occasionally managed to increase the effectiveness of my beauty or hygiene regiment. However, taking care of myself was a whole lot easier when I inserted healthier choices into already established routines.

Like my morning coffee.

It was easy to adjust my coffee routine to a healthier version with Bulletproof coffee.


Bulletproof Coffee is Upgraded Coffee blended with grass-fed Ghee (or unsalted butter) & Brain Octane Oil. Bulletproof Coffee is low toxin, high performance, & full of healthy fats to fuel your body. Brain Octane Oil is made from 100% coconut oil and helps you burn fat, is a quick source of reliable energy from fat (not sugar), and supports cognitive performance. Brain Octane Oil is a purified form of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil which provides fast energy with no crash. It takes just 3 steps to convert Brain Octane to ATP (cellular fuel for both your body and brain). For context, it takes sugar 25 steps.

Coffee that gives you energy and gives your brain a supercharge? It seems like a pretty lofty claim but I already knew that healthy fats are especially important to neurodiverse brains because of cognitive functioning benefits. But butter and oil in my coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee made a difference from the very first cup. No kidding! I actually thought it was maybe the excitement to try it after hearing so much positive feedback but the great effects continued the entire time I used it.

Click HERE to find more about the benefits of the coffee.


It wasn’t exactly apples to apples – or coffee to coffee: I previously drank my coffee black and BulletProof coffee is more like coffee with cream after you whip it all together. I also shifted from drinking 75% Decaf coffee to full power caffeine. But the addition of caffeine and of healthy fats may be only part of the reason I felt the difference.

What I didn’t know is that coffee is one of the largest sources of mycotoxins in the food supply. Mycotoxins are damaging compounds created by molds which grow on coffee beans (among other things). How is it even possible that while I was making all these efforts in our family’s nutrition plan, choosing to ‘Eat Clean’ including eliminating or reducing toxins in our diet, that my favourite beverage may have well been laden with them?


Some types of coffee have more mycotoxins than others so it can definitely be the difference between good coffee and bad coffee. But I wasn’t previously drinking cheap coffee – I was buying a pretty darn good brand of coffee. But choosing Decaf as a healthy choice may have caused my coffee to be a delivery source for mold. The problem isn’t coffee per se, it’s the mold on your coffee.

Caffeine is a natural anti-insect and antifungal defense mechanism for the plant.  It deters mold and other organisms from growing on the beans.  Mold is everywhere, but caffeine helps prevent it from growing on the beans while they’re in storage. When you remove the caffeine, your beans are defenseless.  Decaf coffee is higher in both aflatoxin and ochratoxin.  This is one of the reasons most decaf tastes like steeped panty liners. (I think most flavoured coffee does too but people love it.)

Knowing that the Bulletproof process optimizes every step of coffee production for performance by minimizing the opportunity for performance-robbing mold toxins, I can’t help but wonder if I saw such a remarkable difference because I cut out the toxins? Now I can’t wait to try Bulletproof Upgraded Decaf too to figure out the additional benefits of the caffeine, a stimulant which can provide an added boost an ADHD brain. I didn’t get the jittery feeling or the gut rot that full strength coffee usually gives me so wondering why I actually want Decaf other than for late day coffee option.


Bulletproof, snacks, bites, alternatives, healthy, health, wellness, sweets, treats, brownie, protein, collagen, shortbread, eat cleanBulletproof 360 really fits our ADHD family that strives to make good healthy choices for our differently wired brains. Even these Collagen Protein Bites provide quick energy without toxins or relying solely on sugars for energy – I plan to stash them everywhere for a yummy alternative to all the treats my children must politely (but not always happily) decline through the holiday season.

Our family can’t wait to try more Bulletproof products found ONLINE and in stores. 

Santa, Santa Claus, mall Santa, visit with Santa, wish, Christmas wish, Christmas wishes, wish list, self care, BulletproofBETTER SELF CARE WORKS MAGIC

The magic of the season included Bulletproof coffee for me this year.

Bulletproof coffee gave me improved cognition just like they claimed – no wonder they offer a money back guarantee. It made a difference even when it was all I managed to change in my self care plan.

I felt more alert and energetic – which made me more effective. Better.

One could perhaps argue that it made me feel Bulletproof.

I even took the kids to see Santa. And the only thing in the background was me, sipping my Bulletproof Coffee.

And if that isn’t elevating the season for me and my family, I don’t know what is.






I love trying out new products that have potential to make our family’s challenges – and yours! – a little easier to manage. This post is sponsored and I was compensated to share my honest opinion about Bulletproof Coffee.

As always, the views expressed are my own. #ElevateTheSeason #Bulletproofcoffee #allmaddhere

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  • Reply Aneta Alaei December 20, 2016 at 8:18 am

    i still have to take the kids to Santa. I want to cry. I will not but I am going to do it today…or tomorrow

    • Reply Joan December 20, 2016 at 8:26 am

      Thanks for making me feel better, knowing I am not alone! But we just can’t get ALL THE THINGS done!

  • Reply Suzanne Rudge December 21, 2016 at 11:11 am

    It is wonderful to see the great effects this amazing coffee is having on everyone and their family life! I found I have so much more to give – of me – to my kids now and we are all just a bit happier for it. 🙂

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