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Do It Yourself Halloween Costume Ideas

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Many of the best DIY Halloween Costume ideas are inspired by favourite family movies and programs. Let our mADD family and Netflix offer you some inspiration this year!

Halloween at our house includes Halloween Non-Candy Treat Alternatives – this holiday isn’t only about the treats! We love dressing up and all of the creative costumes most of all.

Halloween Costume Timeline

Looking at Halloween Costume pictures through the years offers a timeline akin to school photos. In fact, they tell me a lot about what my children’s interests were at the time. More often than not, it is like I am browsing Netflix titles!

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Like most moms of boys, there are the almost guaranteed photos of Superheroes and Sidekicks. And Villians, of course. 

My favourite Halloween costume ideas have included Wizards, Witches, Fairies, a Unicorn, and many things magical. Which, if you’ve read The Lies Parents Tell: Truth in Magic, you know that we love us a little magic around here.

A sign of the passing years, Alice’s request for a cute Tinkerbell costume at 5 years old was nothing compared to her emphatic need to transform into the darker fairy Maleficent a couple of years ago. Seems a powerful foreshadowing, given the moody and emotionally charged tween-ager that my daughter has become.

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Do It Yourself

Putting your own creative stamp on a Halloween Costume doesn’t have to be difficult – it can even be as easy as adding face paint or creating some costume mash-up. 

Start from scratch for a DIY masterpiece like our Disgust from Inside Out costume that we made together last year! We applied fabric paint onto a green dress to create the raised flower design we wanted. We snipped material to make a bright scarf then added green hair colour and makeup. Even her eyebrows were glittery green!

In typical last minute ADHD fashion, we used a blow dryer so that it would be dry in time to wear. I suggest maybe starting a little earlier than the night before but procrastination can be a real tool to accomplishing your artistic creation. Whatever works, right?

Disgust, Inside Out, movie, character, DIY, homemade, costume, Halloween costume

Last year, we also made a female minion Halloween costume that wasn’t too tight or too sexy – which pretty much puts you into a Do-It-Yourself category immediately! 

Minion, Gru, The Minion Movie, Despicable Me, movie, costume, DIY, Halloween Costume, Halloween, Gru, homemade, Do It Yourself

Alice said it was okay for me to volunteer at Middle School and wasn’t even too embarrassed when I showed up in my not-too-subtle, bright yellow costume.

And, as you can see, Hubby definitely Gru on me. He’s one in a minion. (Forgive me. I just had to!)

Get Inspired with Netflix

This year’s family group costume is inspired in part by the movie Book of Life. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great Halloween-related movie to add to your October Netflix line up. 

Can you guess what our family is going to dress up as?

Hint: There are a lot of skull themed art activities taking place this year.

If you are having trouble getting inspired, here are some more easy DIY Costume ideas from Netflix that you might even be able to pull off last minute.

You’re Welcome.



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