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Girl Power: Positive Female Role Models in Entertainment #Netflix

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Female Role Models

Does your family’s entertainment provide positive female role models your kids can connect with?  Netflix offers up characters with some serious Girl Power. 

The role models our children are exposed to have a lasting effect – which increases the importance of providing positive female role models for our children. 

Girls live with the pervasive sentiment that they are not as important than boys.

This is true in all areas, including entertainment.

Rest assured, Netflix is home to girls who mean business and that’s something all kids can get behind! 

Gender StereoTypes

Experts are researching the influence of gender stereotypes on children’s notions of intelligence and ability. Some of the research from New York University highlights how even young children can absorb and be influenced by gender stereotypes. It’s no surprise that many studies have shown that girls as young as six are influenced by gender stereotypes.

“[G]irls are internalizing [ ] cultural messages early in development”

Christia Spears Brown says that “girls are internalizing those cultural messages early in development,” she said. “These beliefs can have important implications for what types of academic paths children choose to take, and shows why girls are opting out of majors like physics, despite earning high grades in school.”

Additional data found on The Canadian Women’s Foundation website shows us that our children are exposed to these cultural messages in our entertainment as well. Research has shown that in many movies and television, females are absent or silent. A study of popular movies found that only 30% of all speaking roles are female. Another study of over one thousand children’s television programs revealed that male characters outnumber female characters two to one. Given the cumulative image of these messages, it is not surprising that, as one researcher notes, “Girls live with the pervasive sentiment that they are not as important than boys.

Girls need to be shown to be more than silent princesses and damsels in distress in the programming available to our children.

Strong Female Role Models on Netflix: No Damsels in Distress

Netflix offers up some strong female characters who show that you don’t need to fit in to stand out.


Whether it’s Violet’s quick wit, Elena’s activist mentality, or Deidra & Laney’s unorthodox thinking, there’s something for every girl to relate to.

More strong female characters like Eleven saving the crew and Tip show our kids that true friendship knows no bounds.

These strong characters are showing that skills, talents, and smarts are not divided according to gender!

Strong Characters that Girls AND Boys can Relate to

Strong female characters aren’t just important for girls.

Boys are also growing up needing positive female role models that help to shape their thinking – both about how they think about girls and how they relate to them.

female role models, Violet, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Netflix, Original, Series, family, Girl Power, #Netflix, #streamteamIf you read Netflix offers More of A Very Bad Thing, you know our whole family loves A Series of Unfortunate Events. The character one of my sons related to most closely shared his quick wit and his ability to create the most amazing inventions out of the materials at hand.

You see, he identified with Violet based on shared interests and talents rather than gender.

Which is exactly as it should be, don’t you think?

Bravo! I love how our favourite Netflix shows have made a positive impact and how these strong females have helped shape their outlook.

Encore! More please!

Disclosure: I am so darn happy to be a part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I receive promotional items and a Netflix subscription in order to find great content that I can share with YOU. As always, all opinions are my own. 

But really, who doesn’t love Netflix?

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