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Finding Bliss: Answers to important questions


I attended Blissdom Canada 2015 last week a veritable newbie, my semi-functional blog live for mere days, and oh-so-eager to learn all that I needed to know about blogging. What I came away with instead is the confidence that I already have a lot of important questions answered for myself.

blissdom-logo-2015 600Blissdom Canada is the premier conference for social media, blogging, PR and influencers in Canada. Although I guess I should have said ‘was’ because this was the very last year of the event in this format which makes me a little late to the party. (And to blogging, if we are being perfectly honest.) The conference certainly did offer all of the promised content of professional development, empowerment, and knowledge of current platforms and trends alongside impressive social events and opportunities to network with others working in the social media space.

mask full logo 600You should know I love a party. I love to work a room and meet ALL the people. I generally love like and am energized by people for reals. Now, I’m no country mouse but them there was some spectacular parties and I enjoyed such rich feasts, readily available for the taking! (Check out more of our shananigans on Instagram.)

But I came for the content. The I-finally-got-my-blog-up-and-running-so-now-what-do-I-do stuff.

Blissdom delivered a rich schedule filled with the content I was looking for: I scribbled notes on Google analytics, cross-platform something or other, marketing and monetization, mail lists, photo/content/proof editing, growth of your platform,  SEO and so much more it makes my head spin to think of what I still need to learn and put into practice. But these specific tasks on a blogger’s To Do list were not the key things I took away from the jam packed schedule.

I listened closely to keynote speaker Upworthy’s Sara Critchfield when she talked about the data and the principles of getting the ‘click’ but I really heard her when she spoke about turning ‘What happened’ into ‘Why it matters.’  When I took part in the full day Pro Blogger Mastermind with Finding Joy’s Rachel Martin and Dan Morris from Blogging Concentrated, I scrawled ‘You are a Brand’ at the top of the page yet already knew it to be true. I emphatically fist pumped with blogger and motivational speaker Dai Manuel in ‘Finding Your Why’ but knew that I already lived and had defined my reason for starting this journey. In other words, I learned loudly that I feel secure in the things that most matter to me – my ‘why’ I am writing and the ‘who’ I am writing for.

I am writing for myself, my loved ones, my community, and for all busy families who are trying their best every day to manage their chaos and learn how to do better. As a blogger, I want to create a community to share our stories of what worked and what didn’t quite turn out like we had anticipated; the days where we feel the invisible cape flutter in the wind at our shoulder and the witching hours where the only remaining goal being worked toward is the countdown clock set to bedtime and the reward of adult time and wine; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I am my ‘brand‘ because my voice is authentic and my motivation is real.  Because I live fully immersed in the chaotic world of ADHD and multiple special needs on any ordinary day; treading water and trying to keep afloat in the general parenting confusion and health care waters of information, strategies, and treatment. Because the tag lines for this blog ring true as brazen bells, bells, bells.

At Blissdom I discovered a community who can help me answer some of the burning questions of a newbie blogger. But more importantly, my participation reinforced that I am clear in what matters to me as a blogger: There is meaning; growth; purpose. There is community; need; support. There are real emotions and authentic motivations to serve and do better.

And as much as I have to offer, I have more I need to master. I truly believe we can learn from each other how to embrace, manage, and just keep swimming. Because I know I need this community – I think maybe you might too. 

Now I just need to figure out how to build our MADD WORLD.

Let’s get started! Please connect with me across social media and share my posts that speak to you so we can find our people and create our community.




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    Wow, this sounds like it was a powerful experience.

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