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Redefine ‘Smart TV’ with Netflix and Google

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Parents are expected to have the answers to everything. Thanks to Google, your kids think you do. Netflix viewers big and small are Googling their favourite shows more than ever.

Stream Yourself Smarter: Netflix and Google

Smart TV usually refers to electronics who are able to do so much these days; they seem almost Jetson ‘smart,’ with their ability to anticipate your preferences. It’s a game changer when you realize your stream choices are helping make you smarter!

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With Netflix Originals rich in history and complexity, following plot lines may have you turning to Google to search for facts while you watch. Maybe you’re getting sucked into the historical dramas of The Crown or Narcos and want to learn more about the Royal Family or the infamous cartels?

Perhaps, alongside feeling all the feels, you are learning a few things while watching other families manage the ups and downs inside a ‘special needs’ household?

Atypical, special needs, autism, asd, autism spectrum disorder, Netflix, Netflix Canada, Netflix Original, series, streaming, adhd, family, kids, teen, show, television, smart, funny, dating, allmaddhere, stream team, #streamteamAtypical is heartfelt comedy that follows Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum. Sam has decided he is ready for romance. In order to start dating and his search for love sends his mother on her own life-changing path. Sam’s family also includes a scrappy sister and a father seeking a better understanding of his son. Same and his family struggle while trying to adjust to change and explore what it means to be “normal.”

Shows like Atypical that try hard to depict families like mine easily has me and other viewers blubbering, laughing – and questioning. People that watch this Netflix Original are heading online for fact checking about adolescents and teens on the autism spectrum. Many viewers are discussing what they think  the series got ‘right’ about ASD – and even where the storyline went ‘wrong’ in articles like THIS one. Maybe the discussion will influence what viewers will see in Season 2?

No matter what your online mission helps you discover, viewers are definitely taking their questions to Google while streaming their favourite shows. 

“Kids ask questions?” said no parent ever

No surprise to any parent: Your kids have questions too.

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Our family loves shows that offer us quality viewing that expands our knowledge and gets us asking questions. Our French Immersion kids really benefit from being able to practice their language skills with Netflix Canada’s French language options! Full of joy, song and creativity, Julia on Sesame Street introduces many kids to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This little girl with sensory issues and problems understanding the laws of social interaction no doubt inspires lots of questions about the disorder from young viewers. Our family turns to Netflix for shows like Bill Nye (The Science Guy) Saves the World, Brain Games, or to watch or Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey all over again.

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But not all television viewing is – or needs to be! – labelled ‘Educational’ to inspire learning. Even our kids favourite shows will get them asking questions. An episode of Justin Time may have them wondering “How far away is the moon?” Watching the StoryBots will have them pondering all sorts of riddles like “How do airplanes fly?” and the age old question, “Why is the sky blue?”

While streaming their favourite Netflix shows, viewers young and not-as-young are turning to Google to find answers. 

Pretty Smart. 


Facts and figures of history? Little-known answers for peculiar questions? Quick translation tools? What are the most recent searches in your Netflix and Google history?


Disclosure: I am so darn happy to be a part of the Netflix Stream Team! #Netflix #StreamTeam #sponsored. I receive promotional items and a Netflix subscription in order to find great content that I can share with YOU. As always, all opinions are my own. 

But really, who doesn’t love Netflix? Netflix, Stream Team, #streamteam, series, watch, binge, stream, original, netflixandchill, family, kids, adhd, asd, allmaddhere

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