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Nutrition: Back to Basics Mission Three

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Health and Wellness Strategies: Nutrition

Nutrition is a main strategy our family uses to manage our health and wellness for a reason. 

How we choose to fuel our bodies has great impact – both positive and negative.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,

if one has not dined well.

Virginia Woolf

 Nutrition and Health

nutrition, health, wellness, food, food additives, food dyes, additives, allergies, intolerances, food intolerance, reaction, ADHD, neurodevelopment disorder, NeurodiverseWe always ate healthy – mostly. My gang of toddlers would eat salad and fish.  I have to think that we were still really ahead of the curve.

At the time, there were still so many things going on in our family: 

  • I was 42 and my son was 4 years old and we both had Thrush – you know, yeast overload like babies get!!
  • My husband was sniffling after consuming certain things like eggs, some beer, and often at times after eating something that seemed a less identifiable culprit.
  • My other son was really struggling in preschool with behaviour. Our health team was suggesting he try medication for his ADHD and I was reluctant to start him so young.
  • My daughter reacted to food dyes with extreme emotional reactions. I am still amazed that people – even health care professionals – don’t believe or downplay this direct affect food additives can have. I like to threaten the naysayers with the offer to drop her off at their house with a big, fat red sucker, assuring them that by the time I picked her up they would be a believer!

We had to find out more about how our food choices affected our health.

Nutritional Choices

We explored the reaction our bodies had to the food we ate through undertaking a full elimination diet. It wasn’t easy.

Following the diet, it became very clear which foods acted like a trigger for many of our health challenges.nutrition, health, puzzle, strategy, health, wellness, nutritional, plan

Nutrition is a now a key piece of the puzzle in managing our health and ADHD related challenges. We make conscious choices in our nutrition plan.

However, despite knowing the negative affect of poor nutritional choices, more and more of the ‘bad’ stuff snuck into our diet over time – mostly due to convenience.

The Nutrition plan needs a reboot in our household.

Bulletproof Nutrition

Reexamining and recommitting to our Nutrition is a major part of our Back to Basics plan.

nutrition, diet, eat clean, Bulletproof, BP, #BP360Love, Brain Octane Oil, supplement, health, wellness, product, adhd, brain, function, alert, energy, MCTs, ketoneFirst: Looking at our ‘Eat Clean’ choices to find out where food additives and sugar have managed to sneak back into our diet.

Plus: We will be adding additional supplements for the whole family.

I am excited to add BULLETPROOF into the Nutrtition plan and the entire family’s health and wellness choices.  I know Bulletproof worked wonders for me from the very first cup of Bulletproof coffee so I plan to build on that success. Read: Elevate the Season: Self Care with Bulletproof Coffee

Brain Octane Oil (BOO) is being added as an additional supplement for the whole family. 

Yep! Even the kids are going to try BOO to see if it helps their ADHD brains function better too! What if they could experience the same clarity and energy I did when using it?

Watch for future posts to find out how Bulletproof  helps the rest of my crew. Fingers Crossed!

Next Steps: Meal Planning to support both Nutrition and Organization.

Meal Planning

family, nutrition, health, wellness, food, plan, diet, health, healthy, wellness, kitchen , prepareSome days it feels like 1957 in the kitchen, trying to prepare and eat whole foods that align with our #EatClean method of dietary treatment. In our home, it is one of the things that takes up the most time and energy.

No surprise at the heavy time commitment, I guess – that is why ‘fast food’ and packaged meals have such an appeal. They are basically Survival Tools some days for busy families.

I remember when I had three kids under two years of age and I used to dream about having a Nanny. No, likely more accurate to say I enthusiastically yearned for extra help.

I could still really use an Assistant but now my wishes are focused around the main responsibilities of a Chef – who is maybe okay with a little housekeeping while things bubble and boil. Which is why, alongside adding Bulletproof to our Nutrition plan, I will be relooking at Meal Planning as a way to simplify things in the kitchen. And in the Daily Planner.

Plus: The Schedule also includes a shift: Each child will make dinner one night a week as part of their chores. If I can’t have an Assistant, maybe I can have Assistance from my family.

Before you tell me….I know. The added responsibility may make the stress level in the kitchen worse but it is also time they learned how to make simple meals.

And to participate in the Health and Wellness choices we make as a family.


Do you have favourite recipes that your kids can make? Do you have a favourite Meal Planning tool/service that helps your family?

Tell me about it in Comments Below. We can use all the help we can get!


Next Up: Organize: Back to Basics Plan Mission Four (To be Published Soon)

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Get Organized: ORGANIZE: BACK TO BASICS PLAN MISSION FOUR (To be Published Soon)


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I want to hear your ideas! What are you trying improve? What is working?



I love trying out new products that have potential to make our family’s challenges – and yours! – a little easier to manage. This post may include a sponsor who offered compensation in some form to share my honest opinion. 

As always, the authentic views expressed are my own. #allmaddhere 


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  • Reply Patty February 12, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    I ordered BulketProof coffee and BOO but haven’t tried it yet because I’m missing the Ghee. I eat clean and have been clean eating for a few years now, I stick to low carb, paleo eating and I love it. I’ve done several elimination diets and it’s really interesting to what’s works for your body and what doesn’t.

    Greta Post! I love that it’s a family affair!

    • Reply Joan February 12, 2017 at 8:15 pm

      We love our BP! If you want to get started on adding the supplements into your family’s diet right away, pick up some Grass Fed Butter – it froths up even more I hear!

  • Reply LB February 12, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    Interesting!!! Pretty sure I am going to read this a few times to digest it all – wonderful post! I am thinking of trying BP coffee …

    As for what works for us: slowly working on getting better at meal planning, and am so grateful for my slow cookers! Also, having kids pick out new recipes helps get them to try new things and engage in the shopping more!

    • Reply Joan February 12, 2017 at 8:45 pm

      I agree that new recipes really help mix it up and get everyone more involved! Meal planning really helps us with the dinner planning dread too!

  • Reply Hannah February 12, 2017 at 10:16 pm

    Meal planning makes such a difference, but I’m so inconsistent with it!
    I’m so tempted to try Buletproof Coffee. I’m curious how you’ll offer the BOO to your kids without the coffee. What all can you put it in? Very interesting.

  • Leave a Reply