Lemony Snicken Pizza
The Lemony Snicken Pizza: Lemon Pesto and thin slices of crisp, autumn Apples provide the perfect savoury and sweet base for layering thick strips of grilled Honeyed Lemon Chicken, marinated Artichoke hearts, and generous crumbles of Crisp Bacon. Topped with fresh Goat, Mozzarella, and Provolone cheeses, the Snicken is then baked until crust is golden and cheese is bubbling. Fresh Basil, Arugula, sliced Roma tomatoes, more thin slices of fresh Apples, and crumbled Goat Cheese are piled high and promptly served with lemon wedges and honey to drizzle at will. 
Honeyed Lemon Chicken marinade
Pizza Base
Pizza Toppings
Fresh Pizza Toppings
  • HoneyTo Drizzle
  • LemonServe w/ Wedges or Garnish w/ Thin Slices
  1. Gather your Series of Fortunate Ingredients.
  2. Marinate and Grill the Chicken. Do this ahead if you can or use leftovers. Put all marinade ingredients in large Freezer Baggie* to marinade. Put In the fridge and flip bag occasionally to disperse flavours. Time? For as long as you can after you decide this is what you’re having for dinner. Example: “WTH are we going to have for dinner? We’ve got that chicken in the fridge that we can use…!?” is possibly the shortest amount of time so you may be best to brush the ingredients on instead. Without judgement – I get it! Meal planning and getting ahead is hard for all of us. (NeuroDiverse families have their own special intensity to witching hour.) Just sayin’ the chicken will not have the same yummy blend of flavours as meat that has been marinating in the fridge for most of the day. Grill it and cut into thick slices to add to pizza. (*Yes! You CAN indeed use these useful bags for food too! They are not just used to store ALL.THE.THINGS!)
  3. Prepare Pizza Crust. It was nice to have a fresh homemade crust for this special pizza but on any given day, your favourite pizza crust will work perfectly whether it is homemade, fresh, or frozen. We baked a Gluten Free crust from a Bob Mills mix. I like to keep the mix on hand for when we have time but we often have frozen GF pizza crusts in our freezer too. Many stores like The Italian Store sell fresh Pizza dough if GF is not a requirement.
  4. Put on Pizza Sauce. We simply used a jar of Lemon Pesto I purchased (they had frozen homemade fresh pesto too!) and it was awesome. Slather on to taste.
  5. Layer ingredients. Layer so that all the people get to taste all the things. Or don’t. Maybe your kids doesn’t like Bacon so you only put it on half the pizza. It’s unlikely they don’t like Bacon but you get the idea. Layer how you like but try to use the cheese to make all the things stick together.
  6. Bake it. Bake until cheese is bubbling and crust is golden. 20 minutes is about right but we like lots of cheese!
  7. Add Fresh Toppings. We prepared the fresh ingredients as the pizza was baking. Toss thinly sliced apples in lemon juice to add to the lemony, fresh flavour and to keep from browning. Idea: Leave fresh ingredients on the side so that everyone can top their own pizza to taste. Or not to taste. That is the…
  8. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

“Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don’t always like.” Lemony Snicket 

Good thing you can also enjoy YYC Pizza Week and create The Lemony Snicken Pizza using a recipe rather than to only visit local Calgary restaurants. Also, this Pizza is like Fate only in the conceptual way that a recipe is an idea of food before it is actually prepared and becomes food. Once you make this pizza it is in no way like Fate and thereby a strange restaurant.


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