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Keep Calm and Elf on the Shelf on. It’s Fun!

The disapproving and downbeat articles about how damaging or creepy the Elf on a Shelf are have begun to arrive before Santa’s little helpers this year. Here’s the thing to keep in mind before you get your Christmas knickers in a knot this season:

elf globe 600

I don’t care if you don’t like our Elf on the Shelf or find him creepy. I kind of agree.

I know you think it’s over the top that our family had three plastic and felt Christmas creeps last year. It is.

Posting pics of our gang of holiday hooligans up to no good, we are not trying to outdo other creative families with their crazy antics. Well, not much anyway.

I’ll take a magical Elf on the Shelf over the latest Slant on a Rant any darn December day. Cause haters gonna hate any which way.

Brace yourselves…Our elves have nothing to do with you. Actually, they have very little to do with us parents either.

Our red felt clad trio – Fender, Gibson, and Melody – don’t just represent the chaos of our family; they shout ‘I believe.’

elf bowling 600

Now that my daughter is a *gulp* full-fledged middle schooler, this may well be the last year she truly believes in the holiday magic: the last year she and her younger brothers share in the magic and the good natured competition of finding the elves; the last year we can utilize the threesome as a behavioural tool with a man-on-man defensive strategy; the last year they will all come running full tilt, gasping for breath, and interrupting one another to tell me where they found them and what capers the holiday trio are up to; the last year I may see the joy, belief, and wonder in her eyes that our elves bring almost every morning in December.

elf helpers 600

I still want to inspire these moments that offer such giggles and pleasure – for every single family member. Alongside all the homework, scheduling, chores, meal planning, activities, and commitments, I want to allow all of us more time with the happiness that true belief in holiday magic brings.

Especially if all it costs us as parents is a little creative spirit and effort spent searching on Pinterest or social media for ideas, finding new hiding spots or creating some elaborate-or-not scene, cleaning up some stupid stuff like glitter or flour that the elves got into, getting-out-of-bed-to-move-the-damn-elves, and adaptability-to-think-in-the-moment-when-you-forget? Sure, it’s a bit of extra work. But worth every bit of time and energy.

I want us to have joy in the season. In the magic. In the Fun. It’s Fun, people.

Our elves are about us. Our Chaos. Our Creativity. Our Traditions. Our Growing Children. Our Belief in Family. Our Fun. Our Joy. And that isn’t about you at all.

Elf piano 600

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  • Reply Sandra December 8, 2015 at 2:00 am

    I think the elves are super cute and hilarious and I love seeing how other people are using their creativity. I’m just glad they didn’t exist when my kids were little. I had a hard time remembering the damn tooth fairy. Your blog is absolutely stunning by the way. Who was your designer?

    • Reply Joan December 8, 2015 at 10:09 am

      HaHa All good parents who Elf must steal from one another – it’s just the sharing spirit of the season. And survival! We really do it for the kids because we use language Santa would not approve of every night while trying to come up with stuff!

    • Reply Joan December 8, 2015 at 10:12 am

      Thanks for the positive feedback about the blog! I used the Hemlock theme but have been trying to learn how to do most of it myself – which is quite a learning curve! I still don’t even have my menu and drop downs figured out yet and SEO is a foreign language. And Analytics? I still have a lot to learn but concentrating on trying to get some content on and figure out what the blog wants to be when it grows up. Thanks for the support!!

  • Reply Victoria Ess May 24, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    Haha what fun! I love seeing pictures of people’s creativity!

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