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Sleep: Back to Basics Plan – Mission One

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Sleep is one of the key strategies that have worked well in helping us managing our ADHD and related challenges.

Seem too Basic to warrant being Part One of the plan?

It makes sense to begin by revisiting the tools in our basic toolbox first. It gives me a chance to re-evaluate and determine how we could reboot our strategies in the year ahead.

There is sure to be something new we haven’t tried….or that may work better now than the last time we gave it a go.


We are such stuff as dreams are made on;

and our little life is rounded with a sleep. 

William Shakespeare


Sleep Plan

sleep, sleeping, sleep habits, more sleep, tired, rest
The Plan: Get more.

If you’ve ever struggled with sleep, you know it is not that simple.

Our family will be revisiting our sleep habits during the first quarter of the new year with our health team and Goodnight Sleepsite.  Alanna and her Good Night team provide information, tips, and product reviews to make sure your family is well rested, healthy, and happy. 

By clicking HERE, you can subscribe to the Goodnight Sleepsite newsletter, connect to their Facebook community, or book time with a sleep consultant.

Next Steps: Hubby and I are looking forward to the opportunity to take part in the Goodnight Sleep Cleanse planned to launch this spring.

Shut it Off and Shut it Down

First step to a good night’s sleep is actually starting your sleep routine. time for bed, clock. alarm clock, alarm, bed, bedtime. insomnia, sleep, sleep trouble, get to sleep, get to bed,


Which means getting ready for bed…..



My favourite tip: Set an alarm for bedtime! It will remind you to turn off Netflix and hit the sack before you can’t help but binge one more episode.

Ya, I’m looking at you…I know I am not alone in this bedtime challenge!

As part of the Netflix #StreamTeam, I can kinda consider it work, right?


In the Bedroom

What does your bedroom have to do with getting more sleep? 

Quite a bit apparently. So it’s a good place to start your sleep audit.

Alanna recommends strengthening the connection between the bedroom and sleep by giving your bedroom a Sleep Audit in these simple ways: 


Revive your night table

sleep, sleep aid, tool, strategy, calm, colour, colour, relax, sleep aid, sleep audit, sleep routine, routine, Get Rid of the Tech: The number one reason we are such a sleep-deprived society is our tech usage and that our devices are finding their way into our bedrooms. It’s important to clear these sleep busters out of the bedroom. Remove TV’s, tablets, and phones and create a family docking station within your home where everyone can plug in and stay organized overnight. It keeps tech out and helps establish sleep rules within your home.

Pretty good on this one – no TV or tech other than a Kobo allowed in the bedroom for precisely this reason. However, we really want to add in some guided Meditation and struggling to figure out how to do that without the tech.
Clear Your Mind: Replace your devices with bedtime activities like reading a paperback novel, doing some adult colouring, or practicing calming activities like meditation and bedtime yoga. Also you can keep a journal beside your bed where you can write all your worries and stresses out before you go to bed so that they are out of your head. It’s also a good idea to jot down a to-do list before you go to bed so it’s not constantly swimming in your head while you are trying to sleep.

Check. This is why I read, colour, and/or journal before bed. (I do need to be mindful of my reading material before bed. Nothing that gets me brainstorming.)
Night table tip. Avoid bright Display: Use analog clock or a specific alarm clock that avoids the bright numbers. Tip: Set alarm clock but turn it around. If you wake up, you don’t start clock watching, which can adds to stress of not being able to fall back asleep.

We’re good here too. But maybe something else could amp up (or calm down?) our sleep routine? Think Ear plugs, Eye mask, Hand cream, Essential Oils/Scent, etc.

Evaluate your Equipment

sleep, sleep audit, mattress, bedding, pillow, sleep aid, sleep trouble, bedroom, bed, routine, sleep routine, Mattress: We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping so it’s important to invest in healthy sleep with a good mattress – it is the most important piece of furniture that you own. Did you know that replacing your mattress every 5 years is recommended? Sometimes just by replacing your mattress people find themselves falling asleep easier and feeling better when they wake up. Crimey – How old is our mattress anyway?

Keep your mattress healthy: Rotate monthly, vacuum seasonly, and let it breathe (leave off bedding) when you are away. Plus, using a mattress protector keeps it clean and protects you from dust mite allergens. Check.

Fresh Bedding: Wash sheets and pillow cases weekly; pillows and duvets seasonly. Check.

Pillow: Replace your pillowcase and pillow every 6 months to a year. Within 24 months (or less) your pillow can double it’s weight in allergens and…dust mites!  Check. We replace with the new calendar.  

Avoid dust mites: Wash pillow and vacuum mattress seasonally.

And tell your mother that I gave you permission not to make your bed everyday! Apparently the must mites thrive under a hot and humid blanket! Ew.

Clear your bedroom clutter

Reno, doors, reclaim, reclaimed, DIY, project, closet, clutter, barn door, barn doors, antique

These doors are from the Prince of Wales Hotel from the time is was constructed between 1926 and 1927. The Prince of Wales Hotel enjoys the distinction of being the sole establishment among Canada’s grand railway hotels to have been built by an American, as opposed to a Canadian, railway company. The hotel was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1995.

The biggest step in strengthening the association between ones bed and sleep is making sure that our bedroom is for sleep only. 

Well, sleep and….you know. (Sex. I can say it. SEX. But this is not that kind of How To post. M’Kay?)

Clutter and disorganization can become an obstacle for sleep. Our bedrooms often become our offices, gyms, entertainment centres, and storage closets.  If we are trying to clear out the clutter from our brain to help us fall asleep better we first have to clear out the clutter in the environment in which we sleep.

Uh Oh. We really fall apart in this section of the sleep audit.

I have a treadmill in my bedroom. Mostly because it too is searching for a good resting spot. I’ll have to ask Alanna if I have to move it out of there if I don’t actually use it. (Don’t tell Dai!) Or maybe the guilt about that is affecting my sleep too?

I plan to attack clutter over the next year. Read Back to Basics Mission Four: Organize HERE (Active link to follow when published.)

Until then, I plan to hide the clutter. Behind closed doors. 

(That’s what these reclaimed doors have to do with my sleep audit and getting better sleep. See the laundry? There is always laundry.) 

And BOOM – that right there is how I plan to get Hubby to complete this long neglected part of our Reno.

Which definitely make these doors – as well as SLEEP – part of the Grand Plan. I mean, he’ll sleep better from hard work and exercise anyway, AmiRight?


Which brings up to Fitness: Back to Basics Plan Mission Two 


*ENTER to WIN* a signed copy of  Whole Life Fitness Manifesto + Join the Tribe in Fitness: Back to Basics Plan Mission Two. 


*JOIN ME!* Get Back to Basics. 

Improve Function: Nutrition: Back to Basics w/ BULLETPROOF

Do a Sleep Audit.

Join the Tribe: Fitness: Back to Basics

Get It Together: Organize: Back to Basics (published soon)


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If you’re still awake, you can share your plan or best sleep tips on this post.


I love trying out new products that have potential to make our family’s challenges – and yours! – a little easier to manage. This post may include a sponsor who offered compensation in some form to share my honest opinion. 

As always, the authentic views expressed are my own. #allmaddhere 

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