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Valentine’s Day with Kids. Simple ways to say I Love You

Valentine’s Day with Kids: Keep it Simple

Like many busy families, we most often choose to find simple means of celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids and sharing the love we enjoy in our busy house. With children involved, the opportunity is there to be a little more creative than a gift of long stemmed, overpriced, thorny roses. 

As parents, if we only celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging expensive gifts, it is likely that our children will want to do the same. Be mindful in how you spend the holiday to make it meaningful and be deliberate in the values you transmit to your children.

There are so many simple ways – those that don’t come from a store – to say “I Love You.” Plan a family date. Make something together – your little one often learns concepts through concrete representations. Spend your time together in fun activities or doing something for each other/others, including possibly giving your loved one time to themselves.


colour heart valentine's

Make Special Food: Snacks,Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

Write a Love Letter

Cuddle and Read a Book

Make Homemade Treats for your Pet

Colour together. It’s all the rage in mindfulness.

Make a homemade card

Help someone

Play Game of their Choice 

Write notes that begin, “I love you because…”

Finish a Project/Task 

Play a Family Game

Use the words: “I love you.” Learn to say it in another language

Show Love to all Creatures great and small. Make a heart shaped bird feeder

Have a Dance Party

Complete RAK together

Snuggle and Watch a Movie

Leave a kind Anonymous Note for someone to find

Go for a Nature Walk. Look for heart shapes along the way

Bake a Special Treat

Write Notes/ Draw hearts on post-its. Hide all over the house

Build a ‘Love Lab. Experiment with different potions/ science experiments

Share your Love Story with your kids

Plant something. Encourage its growth with positive words

Craft/Create Anything. ANYTHING!

Check out my Pinterest Valentine’s Day board for more fun activities,

food & craft ideas for celebrating with kids.

Take it on the Road: Show Others You Care

One year, when I must have been having a short burst of over-achievement, the kids and I made special treats for the holiday. We made heart shaped Rice Krispy treats on a stick and decorated them with pink cookie icing and red smarties. Our diet includes no refined sugar or food additives including colour; our efforts were for others.

We wrapped them up and tied a few together with a ribbon -they were the cutest darn bouquets you ever did see! The kids really liked making things to give to people we care about – we even dropped off some to the teachers and medical professionals who care for us on a regular basis. The people we gave them to felt special; they appreciated the time we took to make them and drop them off as much as the bouquets themselves!

Let them learn firsthand that the best gift you give to yourself is how you feel when you give to others.


The Best Gift of All: Simple Lessons in Love

The heart that gives, gathers. 600

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids in simple ways, they learn that affection is shown and celebrated every day in the simple things we do for one another and the time we spend together. That ‘I Love You’ isn’t always wrapped in a fancy bow or found in a box of sweets. Our children learn that gifts of kindness, respect, thoughtfulness, and time are how we show people we care for and appreciate them.


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